Lauren + Luiz

Welcome to Sam Ramsey Film

You and your love are the stars of a very important story.  Your love story.  This is where your love story and visual storytelling collide. This is where the love you cannot put into words becomes a visual reality - a cinematic wedding film.

I make short films for amazing couples who want to share their love story with each other and their loved ones forever.  Your vows are forever, your love is forever, and this is your film.  

Why wedding cinematography? 

Wedding cinema is an art form.  Your wedding day is best realized through a lens that captures light and shadow, that tells the story of you and your love.  The sun and color that filter through windows and reflect off the mise-en-scène, the place you call home, are all elements of an emotive, cinematic short-film.  It's not just about creating breathtaking images or specific artistic shots and cutting them together, it's about telling a story.  Your love story.

Why I love what I do

When I was 8 years old my grandmother gave me a handmade birthday present.  She called it the "creative box."  This "box" consisted of an assortment of crafting materials, any and every type you could think of: popsicle sticks, yarn, pipe cleaners, swatches of fabric, pens, colored pencils, and markers.  I remember thinking, "this is the coolest present ever!  I can make anything I want!"  

Since then, my life has encompassed many different creative endeavors, and has lead me to filmmaking and to wedding films specifically.  Creativity is my passion, my expression of the story I see in the world around me.  I love creating films that are emotionally captivating, that explore the light that is present in the organic spaces in which people live.

Here is where the story begins.  Here is where cinema becomes a portrait of your love story.

Why others love what I do



"Samuel was phenomenal. He was timely and incredibly personal. He captured the entire day in a way that was authentic and raw. He was in all the right places at all the right times. He really captured the moments in a way that expressed who we are! When we got our video back, we couldn't stop watching it. He got every big moment in such a special way! Moments that would've gotten brushed off were captured - what a special gift!!! The video is one of the most special things we took away from our big day. There is never a dry eye whenever we watch it. Really and truly. Thanks again Sam!!!!"    

- Lauren + Luiz




"I can watch this film over and over and still tear up. It captures the emotion of the moment with perfection. Pure class."

- Robyn + Jason


"Our experience working with Sam was wonderful. Leading up to our big day, if we ever needed to get in contact with him, Sam was always quick to respond and address any questions or concerns. On the day of our wedding, Sam and his fellow cameraman, Justin, were very professional as well as calming. They were both recently married and told stories of their own weddings and married life. Even though we all knew they were there, we never felt like Sam and Justin took the attention away from the festivities. Actually, it was fun watching them film, sometimes from strange angles and  locations. The finished product was beautiful! We had a "House Blessing" party a few months after our wedding, and watched the video with our families and several of our wedding guests. Everyone was so impressed, and had a great time reliving that joyous day! We were also able to share the video with some of our family members that were unable to attend our wedding. We can't thank Sam enough for the amazing work he did for us!"

- Kate and Jerry